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Dan Billings, Spanish Translator/Interpreter

Dan Billings’ fluency in written and spoken Spanish is the product of over 16 years of study and work in the language. Dan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Susquehanna University, where he was honored as the top student of modern languages in 2000. In 2004, his alma mater honored him as a leader in the Latino community in Pennsylvania. He received his Master's Degree in Spanish from Millersville University in 2007 and became a member of the American Translators Association the same year.

Dan has worked as a professional Spanish translator and interpreter in the Lancaster area for 11 years. Since 2001, Dan has served as the Head Spanish Translator/Interpreter and Coordinator of Translation Services for Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 in the Department of Special Education Services. Through his position at IU 13, he has handled the written translation of special education materials to Spanish and served as interpreter for Spanish-speaking families at meetings and conferences. He has earned invaluable experience in the educational, medical, and legal fields, and he brings this breadth of experience into his private business that he began in 2005. In his private work, Dan has specialized in document translation and verbal interpretation in the educational, behavioral health, legal, and medical fields.

International experience and a deep knowledge of different countries and cultures are two of Dan’s greatest assets as a bilingual professional. He has lived in both Spain and Mexico and has traveled extensively in Central America and the Caribbean. In addition, Dan has accumulated vast professional experience working with Spanish speakers from Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Puerto Rico.

Evelyn Billings, Spanish Translator/Interpreter

Evelyn Billings is a native Spanish speaker. Her fluency in English is the product of years of study and work in the language. She began her English studies at age 10 and secured her English diploma from the Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano (Dominico-Americano Cultural Institute) in 2000. She continued her education and obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Universidad Católica de Santo Domingo in 2006, where she majored in advertising. She worked as a translator and interpreter for Colocaciones y Medios (Colmed) in Santo Domingo for 3 years, where she was a liaison to clients in the United States and assisted with document translation and interpretation for senior executives of the company.

In 2006, Evelyn moved to the United States and secured employment at Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 as a Spanish Translator and Teacher in their Adult Education department. Through her position at IU 13, she handled the written translation of educational materials to Spanish for the parents of children in preschool programs, as well as for adults who were enrolling in continuing education courses. Evelyn also taught Spanish for adult beginner and intermediate students. Her students included local teachers and therapists who were expanding their Spanish language skills in order to improve their working relationships with Latino families and children. Evelyn brings an array of translating, interpreting, and teaching experience into her work with Billings Bilingual LLC.

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Evelyn Billings

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